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A wide range of ayurvedic products that are originally derived from natural ingredients, herbs and combinations of plants. We manufacture and export Hair Care Products, Herbal Hair Care Products and Herbal Cosmetics.

Range of Herbal HairOil Products :

"Hesh" Bhringraj Hair Oil
       For Silky Strong Hair

Hesh Amla Powder has the following advantages:
- Makes Hair Soft,Shiny & Healthy
- Useful in Controlling dandruff and premature graying
- Strengthens Hair roots,enhances hair growth
- Reduces Hair Fall
- Cools Scalp

"Hesh" Heenara Hair Oil
For Soft,Shiny & Healthy Hair

Hesh Shikakai Powder has the following advantages:
- Conditions & Nourishes the roots
- Strengthens Hair roots
- Enhances Hair growth
- Reduces Hairfall
- Makes hair soft,shiny & healthy
- Useful in controlling dandruff & premature graying

Our Herbal Product Range :

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS :: “Hesh” Multani Mati Powder | "Naturoriche" Skin tone Up Powder
"Naturoriche" Skin life Powder | "Hesh" Chandan Powder | "Hesh" Rose Petal Powder
"Hesh" Orange Peel Powder | "Hesh" Lemon Peel Powder | "Naturoriche" Neemtone Powder

PRICKLY HEAT POWDERS :: “Hesh” Rose Prickly Heat Powder | “Hesh” Lavender Prickly Heat Powder
“Hesh” Sandal Prickly Heat Powder | “Hesh” Cologne Cool Prickly Heat Powder

HAIR CARE PRODUCTS :: "Hesh" Amla Powder | "Hesh" Shikakai Powder | "Hesh" Brahmi Powder

HAIR WASH :: "Heenara" Hair Wash Powder | "Hesh" Aritha Powder

HAIR COLOURING :: "Heenara" Hair Pack Powder | "Heenara" Mehendi Powder

HAIR OIL :: "Heenara" Hair Oil Naturoriche | "Bhringraj" Hair Oil Hesh

ANTI DANDRUFF PRODUCTS :: "Hesh" Neem Leaves Powder | "Hesh" Tulsi Powder
"Hesh" Kalpitone Powder

HERBAL HAIR OIL : Bhringraj Hair Oil | Heenara Hair Oil

Natuoriche Skin Life Creams : Skinlife Fairness Cream | TurMeric Cream

HERBAL PRODUCTS :: "Hesh" Maka Powder | "Hesh" Kapoor Kachli
"Hesh" Harde Powder | "Hesh" Lodhar Powder | Hesh" Manjistha Powder

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