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One of the most powerful disciplines of medicine, Ayurveda has mostly been lying dormant in the land that fostered its evolution. Recent years were virtually the rebirth of this remarkable science since some visionaries envisioned its future. 1978 was a significant moment for the Indian Ayurvedic scenario when Late Shri. Jivraj Vershi Shah laid the foundation to Hesh Pharma, an organization dedicated to fostering the revival and growth of Ayurveda.

Today, Hesh Pharma has created a range of products that have become synonymous with high efficacy and quality. Over the years, Hesh Pharma has been researching and developing innovative products that add substantial value to not just your health but your physical radiance too.

As a matter of principle, the Company has always adhered to using purest raw material and processing them in an infrastructure that's absolutely state-of-the-art. Over the past two decades, the company has consistently delivered quality products and services, which has been the hallmark of the company. No wonder, Hesh Pharma has applied for GMP Certification. Also, it is a member of respected organizations like ADMA (Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturer's Association), CHEMEXCIL, IACCI, AISSCMA, BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty).

Our wide range of products includes:

Skin Care Products

  • "Hesh" Multani Mati Powder : Nature's most basic skin treatment therapy. Used for cleansing the skin. Improve blood circulation and thus enhance skin glow.
  • "Naturoriche" Skin tone Up Powder : Helps to remove grime and other impurities from the pores of the skin and thus promotes blood circulation of the face. Leads to fresh and rosy skin.
  • "Naturoriche" Skin life Powder : An effective skin food that has antibacterial action too. Helps in the treatment of acne and minor skin eruptions. Acts as a shield against atmospheric pollutants, Prevents dehydration, Formation of wrinkles. Enhances skin texture.
  • "Hesh" Chandan Powder : Improves the texture and complexion, adds glow. Tones up the skin. Helps in deep cleansing and prevents pimples and freckles. Nourishes the skin.
  • "Hesh" Rose Petal Powder : Its cooling properties and soothing fragrance for centuries rose has been used in perfumes and as a coolant for eyes and body. It is also effective in curing skin infections, inflammation, swelling and prickly heat.
  • "Hesh" Orange Peel Powder : An effective astringent and skin toning agent, Hesh Orange Peel powder adds glow to the face and leaves it exuberating with life. Stimulates the skin, clears the pores and promotes blood circulation.
  • "Hesh" Lemon Peel Powder : Uses the intrinsic properties of lime i.e. cleanser and astringent. The powder works its magic on the skin and leaves it fresh and clean. The astringent action tightens the skin, thus keeping it younger.
  • "Naturoriche" Neemtone Powder : Most effective for acne and pimples. Made from concentrated extracts of Neem, stimulates the skin and promotes blood circulation Helps in controlling the oil secretion of the skin, thus keeping it healthy and glowing.
  • "Hesh" Rose Prickly Heat Powder
  • "Hesh" Lavender Prickly Heat Powder
  • "Hesh" Sandal Prickly Heat Powder
  • "Hesh" Cologne Cool Prickly Heat Powder
  • "Hesh" Maka Powder
  • "Hesh" Kapoor Kachli
  • "Hesh" Harde Powder
  • "Hesh" Lodhar Powder
  • "Hesh" Manjistha Powder

Hair Care Products
  • "Hesh" Amla Powder : The paste of this powder helps promote black and luxuriant hair. Even as it controls hair loss, it stimulates hair roots and promotes hair growth. This apart, it prevents scalp infection and controls premature graying of hair.Amla is a rich source of Peptin and Vitamin C.
  • "Hesh" Aritha Powder : This is a natural cleansing agent recommended by Ayurvedic experts. Hesh Aritha Powder has all the goodness of this natural marvel…and then some more. As a shampoo, it cleans hair completely. It is specially recommended for washing oily hair. The powder has an excellent foaming and shampooing properties.
  • "Hesh" Shikakai Powder : Acts as a natural astringent for hair enhancing its binding properties and increasing the bounciness. It clears dandruff and cleans the dirt accumulated on the scalp. Being a natural conditioner for hair, Shikakai strengthens hair roots and promotes luxuriant growth and lustrous. It also strengthens the hair roots, thus controlling hair thinning and hair fall. Regular use leads to control of premature graying. When massaged on the scalp, the product clears dandruff and gives you sound sleep.
  • "Hesh" Brahmi Powder
  • "Hesh" Neem Leaves Powder : The antiseptic and curative properties of Neem are legendary. Hesh Neem powder can also be used on hair for treating acute dandruff problems.
  • "Hesh" Tulsi Powder : Effective antibacterial quality.protects and moisturizes the scalp and thus helps to treat acute dandruff problems. very effective anti pollution properties thus helps to protect the hair.
  • "Naturoriche" Kalpitone Powder : A natural beauty therapy for hair, Hesh Kalpi Tone adds a black tinge to the hair and gives it a natural, dark shade. Made from natural ingredients like Aloe, Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai and other herbs, Kalpi Tone helps control dandruff, hair loss and premature graying of hair.
  • "Naturoriche" Heenara Hair Wash Powder : This is a natural shampoo for hair wash and hair care. Being free from synthetic chemicals, this shampoo powder is a perfect hair conditioner and tonic. Highly recommended for silky smooth hair.
  • "Hesh" Aritha Powder
  • "Naturoriche" Heenara Hair Pack Powder : This is nature's answer to hair coloring and conditioning worries. It has been used for centuries as a beautifying agent for hair. Heenara herbal hair pack has Mehendi along with 14 other natural herbs, which helps beautify the hair, colour, conditions and nourish the hair.
  • "Heenara" Mehendi Powder

We have a well equipped infrastructure. Our workforce comprises of a team of qualified doctors, technicians and efficient workers. We manufacture products from finest quality of raw materials, enriched with pure extracts of herbs, fruits and flowers under hygienic conditions. The R & D department is constantly involved in the research of properties of various herbs, their extracts, oils etc. and develops unique products that are free from side- effects. Q C department regularly conducts inspections to check the various aspects of quality. Each and every product is properly monitored under the supervision of experts. We have engaged professionals who have expertise knowledge about herbs and ayurveda.

We give utmost importance to the quality of products. Quality assurance is the prime concern of our company and we ensure that only premium quality products are given to the customers. Quality inspections are conducted under strict quality standards. Various quality aspects are checked to ensure that product suits all types of skins and results in no side effects. Under the supervision of experts the products are properly manufactured and packed under hygienic conditions thereby preserving their natural goodness.

We make products for those who are very conscious about their skin and hair care. Our products are well appreciated all over the world. Some of our major clients are USA, Europe, Canada, Australia,NewZealand, Reunion, Middle east, Malaysia, Bangladesh, SriLanka and East & South Africa.

Our Herbal Product Range :

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS :: “Hesh” Multani Mati Powder | "Naturoriche" Skin tone Up Powder
"Naturoriche" Skin life Powder | "Hesh" Chandan Powder | "Hesh" Rose Petal Powder
"Hesh" Orange Peel Powder | "Hesh" Lemon Peel Powder | "Naturoriche" Neemtone Powder

PRICKLY HEAT POWDERS :: “Hesh” Rose Prickly Heat Powder | “Hesh” Lavender Prickly Heat Powder
“Hesh” Sandal Prickly Heat Powder | “Hesh” Cologne Cool Prickly Heat Powder

HAIR CARE PRODUCTS :: "Hesh" Amla Powder | "Hesh" Shikakai Powder | "Hesh" Brahmi Powder

HAIR WASH :: "Heenara" Hair Wash Powder | "Hesh" Aritha Powder

HAIR COLOURING :: "Heenara" Hair Pack Powder | "Heenara" Mehendi Powder

HAIR OIL :: "Heenara" Hair Oil Naturoriche | "Bhringraj" Hair Oil Hesh

ANTI DANDRUFF PRODUCTS :: "Hesh" Neem Leaves Powder | "Hesh" Tulsi Powder
"Hesh" Kalpitone Powder

HERBAL HAIR OIL : Bhringraj Hair Oil | Heenara Hair Oil

Natuoriche Skin Life Creams : Skinlife Fairness Cream | TurMeric Cream

HERBAL PRODUCTS :: "Hesh" Maka Powder | "Hesh" Kapoor Kachli
"Hesh" Harde Powder | "Hesh" Lodhar Powder | Hesh" Manjistha Powder

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